Use.GPU is in the alpha stage.

The goal is to have a viable 1.0 around the same time WebGPU becomes generally usable.

It also has first-class React support, in both directions. This is already working in @use-gpu/react.


Use.GPU aims to provide a decent baseline solution for:

  • Plot - Drawing points, lines, polygons, surfaces
  • GLTF - Standard PBR with texture maps and lighting
  • Data - Simple, chunked and composite data with auto-aggregation
  • Map - Maps with 2D vector tiles
  • Sim - Kernel-based grid simulations
  • Implicit - Contouring / Raymarching
  • FX - First-class multi-pass effects pipeline
  • 2D UI - Layout, rich text, SDF shapes, input events
  • 3D UI - GPU picking, perspective transforms

This also includes some typical conveniences from the React ecosystem (like a URL router).

The core set of user-space functionality lives under @use-gpu/workbench, but some of this may end up split into separate packages.

  • ✅: Stable Beta
  • ⏱: Evolving Alpha