Getting started


Use.GPU is run via the Live run-time, similar to React.

There are two ways to use it:

  • Stand-alone HTML
  • Embedded inside React

Note: If you just want to edit the existing demos, see @use-gpu/app.

Stand-alone HTML

Use.GPU embedded in a basic HTML page.



  • Required packages are included (@use-gpu/workbench, @use-gpu/webgpu, @use-gpu/wgsl-loader)
  • Webpack is configured to compile .wgsl using @use-gpu/wgsl-loader
  • Webpack is configured with sync .wasm modules on
  • Import the Live React shim to make <JSX> work correctly
  • Call render() on your <App />


import React, { render } from '@use-gpu/live';

window.onload = async () => {
  const { App } = await import('./app');
  render(<App />);

The await import(…) on the outside allows synchronous import * from '.wasm' to work on the inside.

Embedded inside React

Use.GPU has convenient React ↔︎ Live portals in both directions. See @use-gpu/react for more info.


  • Add required packages to your project (@use-gpu/react, @use-gpu/workbench, @use-gpu/webgpu, @use-gpu/wgsl-loader).
  • Configure your build system to convert .wgsl to JS using @use-gpu/wgsl-loader
  • Configure your build system to support sync .wasm imports
  • Mount a React <LiveCanvas> to insert a <canvas>. Will make a portal to Live.
  • Render Live components inside, (e.g. <AutoCanvas canvas={canvas} />).

On the React side:

import React, { FC } from 'react';
import { LiveCanvas } from '@use-gpu/react';

import { Component } from './component';

// This is a React component
const MyCanvas: FC = () => {
  return (
      // These are Live children
      {(canvas) => <Component canvas={canvas} />}

On the Live side:

import type { LC, PropsWithChildren } from '@use-gpu/live';

type ComponentProps = {
  canvas: HTMLCanvasElement,

// This is a Live component
export const Component: LC<ComponentProps> = (props: PropsWithChildren<ComponentProps>) => {
  const {canvas} = props;

  // ...
  return null;

WGSL Loader

To use @use-gpu/workbench, your build process must convert the .wgsl files inside @use-gpu/wgsl to JS. This can be done using the included @use-gpu/wgsl-loader, if your build system is compatible (webpack, node or rollup).

e.g. webpack config:

  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.(ts|js)x?$/,
        exclude: [/node_modules/],
        loader: 'babel-loader',
        test: /\.wgsl$/i,
        use: ['@use-gpu/wgsl-loader'],

Hot Module Reload

Live has support for hot module reload with webpack-dev-server.

In your webpack.config.js:

  • Include the HMR client in your entry point:
  entry: [
  • Enable HMR server
  devServer: {
    // ...
    hot: true,
  • Wrap your top level App component in hot(..., module):
import React, { hot } from '@use-gpu/live';

export const App = hot(() => {
  // ...
}, module);