infoThis documentation is a work-in-progress. Use.GPU is in alpha. warning_amberWebGPU is only available in certain browsers.


Use.GPU is a set of declarative, reactive WebGPU legos. Compose live graphs, layouts, meshes and shaders, on the fly.

It's a stand-alone Typescript+Rust/WASM library with its own React-like run-time. If you're familiar with React, you will feel right at home.

It has a built-in shader linker and binding generator, which means a lot of the tedium of common GPU programming is eliminated, without compromising on flexibility.

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Example - Environment Map + PBR
Example - 3D Implicit Surface
Example - GLTF Space Helmet
Example - 3D Line Grid
Example - Scene with Shadows
Example - Voxel Raytrace
Example - Fluid Dynamics Simulation
Example - WebMercator Globe


Use.GPU lets you build incremental apps, which respond to arbitrary changes with minimal recomputation.

Similar to React, you use it by composing a tree of components, starting with an <App>:




You can nest the Use.GPU components to create complex GPU graphics, with bespoke rendering pipelines. No heavy lifting required.



Use.GPU is divided into packages, at different levels of abstraction. This enables free-form tinkering for any graphics skill level.


  • @use-gpu/gltf - GLTF loader and bindings
  • @use-gpu/inspect - Live inspector
  • @use-gpu/layout - HTML-like layout
  • @use-gpu/map - Maps and projections
  • @use-gpu/plot - 2D/3D plotting (axes, grids, curves, labels, transforms, …)
  • @use-gpu/present - Presentation slides and effects
  • @use-gpu/react - Live ↔︎ React portals
  • @use-gpu/scene - Classic scene tree with instancing
  • @use-gpu/voxel - Voxel loader and raytracer
  • @use-gpu/webgpu - WebGPU canvas
  • @use-gpu/workbench
    • /animate - Keyframe animation
    • /camera - Views and controls
    • /compute - Compute kernels and staging
    • /data - CPU → GPU data packing
    • /interact - GPU UI picking
    • /layers - Data-driven geometry
    • /light - Light and environment
    • /material - Physical materials
    • /pass - Composable render passes
    • /primitives - Programmable geometry
    • /queue - WebGPU sequencing
    • /render - Forward + Deferred renderer and RTT
    • /router - URL ↔︎ Page routing
    • /shader - Custom WGSL injection
    • /text - SDF text rendering